Walking Together

The Kwenderana Partnership Group comprising the Parish Churches of Busby, Giffnock South, Greenbank and Williamwood together with the Congregation of Ekwendeni in northern Malawi has been established to enhance lives and witness in Christ’s name to our mutual benefit


The Kwenderana Partnership Group was the inspiration of Shena Dougall of Williamwood Parish Church who worked in Ekwendeni Hospital after she retired from nursing. The Partnership was formed in 2005 and originally comprised Broom, Busby, Giffnock South, Greenbank, Orchardhill and Williamwood Churches of Scotland congregations.  Some but not all of these churches had been partnered with Carol Finlay when she was based at Ekwendeni in Malawi.  As they no longer had a Mission Partner, these churches felt that they should still support the community of Ekwendeni. However in 2006 Orchardhill withdrew and in January 2009 Broom withdrew from the Partnership. A partnership committee was also set up at Ekwendeni which is also called Kwenderana.  In September 2006 two representatives from that committee came over and visited us here. In June 2007 we sent four representatives to Ekwendeni to stay with the people there.  Since then we have formalised the twinning in November 2009 both here in Scotland and also at Ekwendeni in Malawi. It is a partnership which means giving mutual support to each other materially, spiritually or through friendship. To develop these friendships it is important to have regular visits between the two communities. Kwenderana means being friends and visiting one another.


We recognise and we share a commitment in Faith to:-

  •  Support one another with prayer, treating individuals and community as equals in God’s eyes.
  • Respect our similarities and differences, both culturally and in terms of material wealth
  • Sustain, enhance and encourage improvement in the lives of individuals and community spiritually and materially to the lasting benefit as well as touching the lives of members of both partnership committees.

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